Worksheet for Beginning Sounds with Activities Perfect for Kindergarten

Beginning Sounds Activities, Games, & Worksheets with a picture of beginning sound clip cards

Learning about the beginning sounds of words is one of the first steps of transferring the sounds of the letters into words. Using an activity or worksheet for beginning sounds is one way to teach and practice beginning sounds!    This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase […]

What Are the Short Vowels? Plus 5 Practical Ways to Teach Them

picture of flashcards highlighting the short vowels A, E, I, O, and U

If you have a child in school or it’s been a while since you’ve studied the English language you may be wondering, “what are the short vowels?”.   In all actuality, it isn’t hard to get vowel sounds mixed up between their long sounds, short sounds, and the schwa sound.   This post may contain […]

What are the CVC words and 7 Easy Activities for Teaching Them

a picture of felt letters with the words "What are CVC words and 7 CVC Word Activities"

So I get it, you are reading the newest newsletter from your child’s teacher that the class is learning CVC words this week. And it has you wondering, what are the CVC words anyways?   Maybe you are a teacher that is wondering about fun new activities or worksheets for consonant-vowel-consonant words.   Either way, […]

What are Digraphs when Teaching Reading?: 5 Easy Ways to Teach Them!

a white board with the words ship, shed, and fish written on it

Are you a reading teacher? Maybe you are a mom who is trying to teach reading or spelling at home wondering, “what are digraphs anyways?”. If you said “Yes!” to either of these questions, you are in the right place!   In this article, you are going to learn more information about what are digraph […]

What are CVC Words and How do I Teach Them?

What are CVC words? Have you ever heard your child’s teacher talking about these letters and wondered what they mean? Teachers love to use acronyms but to parents, this language can be confusing.   To be honest even as a teacher with 13 years of experience, it can get confusing to hear teachers use different acronyms. […]

Why are Vowels so Important? Reading and Writing with Vowels

When children begin to read and spell one of the first things they have to learn aside from the alphabet and letter sounds, are vowels. Vowels will help support your child’s learning of how words work and to better understand the language they are learning. So today, I’m diving into the question to answer, why […]

Alphabet Activities for Kids

Today I want to talk about teaching different alphabet activities for kids. I have recently been working with an older student to teach him his letters. It certainly got me thinking about writing this post to help parents that are struggling to teach the letters to the alphabet to their own kids.   This post […]