lemonade picture books for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first graders with pictures of lemonade picture books

10 Lemonade Books for Preschool to Use for Summer Read Aloud Books

Are you a preschool teacher or mom looking for new, engaging summer read-alouds or lemonade books for preschool? If so you’re definitely in the right place! As a teacher read-aloud is my favorite part of the day for me and my students.


As a mom, there isn’t much that beats curling up next to my kids on the couch with a good book. Usually, I picture this happening on a cold, winter day with the snow falling outside. But make no mistake, sometimes a good book is exactly what we need after a hot day at the pool or first thing in the morning to get us started.


That’s why I have you covered today with 10 Lemonade books for preschool and other fun summer treat books!


Lemonade books for preschoolers, kindergarten, and first grade to help teach children about how lemonade is made and how to run a lemonade stand.
Ten great lemonade picture books for young children who want to learn how lemonade is made and how to run a lemonade stand.


When Grandma Gives You a Lemon Tree By Jamie L.B. Deenihan


When Grandma Gives You a Lemon Tree is a delightful story about a girl that makes her birthday list. She is sure to give her birthday wish list to grandma. But what a surprise she gets when her grandmother gives her a lemon tree!


At first, she’s not so sure so she has to “learn” to accept this different gift instead of the alternative of (oh, you know) dropping it off a bridge.  Eventually, she learns to take care of the lemon tree.


Maybe she even realizes the sweet and sour treat she gets to enjoy with grandma at the end of the story.
Images of a preschooler doing a science activity of planting seeds with hands on spring activities for preschool
Children will have fun planting, exploring, and comparing seeds. They’ll also have fun working on identifying spring picture beginning sounds & counting syllables.



Oh, the teaching we can do with this sweet story! This story is perfect for teaching spring concepts of planting flowers (check out my post about spring activities for preschoolers if you need more ideas). But it also leads to great teaching on ways to take care of plants, a sweet lesson on accepting gifts maybe you weren’t sure you wanted, and then have the class make a list of what they can do with lemons they are done!




 It Began with Lemonade By Gideon Sterer

This book is about an energetic girl who decides to run a lemonade stand. The problem comes when she quickly realizes that she’s not the only one on the street selling lemonade.


How does she make herself stand out in the crowd?! If you have a little one that wants to run a lemonade stand this summer – this is the book for that!


If you are a preschool or kindergarten classroom teacher, check this one out to read with your dramatic play unit on lemonade! 


preschool lemonade stand activities including pictures of a menu and procedures to make lemonade
Make a fun and adorable lemonade stand for preschoolers or kindergarteners with this lemonade stand! It has everything you’ll need including 3 differentiated procedures to make lemonade, menus, open/closed signs, and more!



Lemonade in Winter By Emily Jenkins


Ever thought about having a lemonade stand in winter?! Well, that’s exactly the idea in this fun story! I can relate to it with my own children as they are the at age of wanting to start a lemonade or fruit & vegetable stand.


You can also use this book for math as it includes addition and counting money. I like using books like this to make academic concepts become real life. What an easy way to show children life skills in real life.


Emma Every Day: The Lemonade Stand By C.L. Reid


The sweet story of Emma is about a girl that has the idea of starting a lemonade stand. This book is unique because it features sign language throughout it.


If your child or students love Emma they’ll have fun reading about her other stories.



Splat the Cat and the Lemonade Stand By Rob Scotton


This book goes right along with the series of Splat the Cat. This time he is excited to go to the waterpark!


The only problem is that to go to the waterpark you have to have a ticket and to get the ticket you need money. That’s when the idea for the lemonade stand comes. Splat the Cat has to make money to go to the lemonade!


Read it with your students and then talk about what they would do with the money they could earn from a lemonade stand!


Froggy’s Lemonade Stand By Jonathan London


Froggy has a lot of adventures including running a lemonade stand! Unfortunately, Froggy was so thirsty that he drank all of the lemonade before he had a chance to sell any of it.

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Maisy Makes Lemonade By Lucy Cousins


A cute story about how to make lemonade! Maisy makes lemonade and shows a child the steps needed to make lemonade. It is a great addition to any dramatic play lemonade center.


Click here to find an engaging dramatic play lemonade stand! 

Journee Makes Lemonade By Melinie Latham


Journee is at home on spring break looking for something to do when the weather isn’t great outside. This book can be relatable to young children and also provides some real emotion about how it may feel on a rainy day.


You can easily have the children talk about what they like to do or how they feel about a rainy day. Then make a list as a class and have them write about it.

The Red Lemon By Bob Staake


The illustrations in this book are delightful! Farmer McPhee is ready to go get his lemons for the season but what happens when he finds a red lemon?


I love using this book to help sequence the life cycle of a lemon. It also shows children the “fruits of labor”. They can see the delight that the farmer has when his lemons are ready. If you give this book a try don’t forget to come back and tell me how the children enjoyed it!

Curious George Lemonade Stand


Do your kids like Curious George? If so they’ll find this sweet story about George and his lemonade stand just as fun as all of his other adventures! It’s a great addition to this list of lemonade books for preschool.


George sure is determined to make enough money for the soccer ball he wants. He’s hoping he can do just that with this lemonade stand.

Lemonade Reading Activities with a picture of summer read aloud books, printable lemonade books, and writing prompt activities
Summer lemonade activities for kindergarten including read-aloud books, activities for summer kindergarten, and printable lemonade books.

Don’t forget to leave a comment to let me know your favorite lemonade books before you leave! I can’t wait to hear which lemonade books for preschool you’re going to pick for your children.

Until next time,

Love, Ashley E

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