Valentine's Day Activities for the Classroom with hearts that have handwriting lines for preschoolers and a 10-frames with number cards

11 Fantastic Activities for Valentine’s Day Perfect for Preschoolers

Being a teacher in an elementary school brings back so many memories from childhood, and really there is no escaping Valentine’s Day at an elementary school. I mean really, what’s not to love about Valentine’s Day at an elementary school? From handing out Valentine’s Day cards, classroom parties, and classroom activities for Valentine’s Day there is always something going on. 


That’s why I wanted to give early childhood elementary school teachers some classroom activities for valentine’s day. You can easily use these activities in literacy centers, math centers, as independent practice, incorporate them into a sensory bin, or put magnets on them to create more activities!


Valentine's Day Activities for the preschool and kindergarten classroom, Handwriting activity for the alphabet letters A-Z, ten frame with hearts to show the number 3
Preschool for Valentine’s Day activities including, handwriting activities and 10-frames

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Activities for Valentine’s Day in School

Teachers love a good theme and who doesn’t love teaching all things friendship, being kind, and friendly towards others? Plus along with Valentine’s Day comes hearts, teddy bears, rainbows, pink, red & white! 


What are some of your favorite activities for Valentine’s Day in school? Let me know in the comments below.


Math Activities for Valentine’s Day

1. Conversation Heart Math

My favorite math activity on Valentine’s Day is conversation heart math! Students will simply use a box of conversation hearts and sort them by color. Then they can count how many they have of each color. 


Next, students will graph how many conversation hearts they have of each color. They can make addition problems using different colors of conversation hearts. I also love having them compare them using is greater than, is less than, or is equal to. 


2. Ten-Frame Heart Math

Another great way to practice math with Valentine’s Day is using the 10-frames and number cards that are shown below. 


Math activities for Valentine's Day including 10-frames and number cards to 20
Click the picture above to get the 10-frames and number cards to 20 in a fun Valentine’s Day theme!

3. Number Cards

Children can use these number cards from 1-20 in a variety of ways. Some of the ways include; putting them in number order, finding them in a sensory bin, or counting manipliatives to match the numbers on the card. Students can also draw to cards and identify which number is larger. 


Using the number cards you can have students draw a card and then put the manipulatives onto the 10-frames to match the number given on the card they picked.


4. Sensory Bin

I even like putting the cards in a sensory bin with other manipulatives. When students find the cards they can put them in number order forcing them to think about number sense. If they first find a card with the number 5 on it and then later find a card with the number 9 on it they then have to determine how to get the cards in number order. 


Literacy Activities for Valentine’s Day

5. Valentine’s Day Read Alouds

One of the best literacy activities for Valentine’s Day is to read a book! If you are looking for books on Valentine’s Day, be sure to check out my lists below that including book lists for kids.


Plus a Valentine’s Day book list for babies and toddlers. 


Valentine's Day kids books and books for toddlers, picture of Valentine's Day toddler books
Click the picture above to read about Valentine’s Day books for Babies and Toddlers!

6. Identify Story Elements

Once you pick a book to read to the students you can use my graphic organizers from the following post about setting, character, and plot to organizer all of your information. 


7. Handwriting Hearts

Some other great activities to do for literacy include using these handwriting hearts! They are perfect for printing off, laminating, cutting into squares, and then putting on a keyring. Your students will be able to flip through the cards and practice writing all of the letters of the alphabet. They’ll be able to practice upper and lowercase letters with the pack. 


8. Alphabet Heart Puzzles

I love using these cute heart puzzles for students to practice matching upper and lowercase letters. They are perfect for Valentine’s Day practice with the alphabet. 


Valentine's Day Activities with a focus on literacy with a picture of alphabet puzzles and handwriting hearts on decorative hearts for Valentine's Day
Click the picture above to get alphabet puzzles and handwriting practice in fun Valentine’s Day hearts!

Preschool Activities for Valentine’s Day Cut and Paste Worksheets


activities for valentine's day including coloring by letter and number, along with cut and paste counting activities.
Children will cut and paste to match numbers to the correct 10-frame and have fun practicing their letters with color-by-letter activities!

9. Cut & Paste Worksheets for Letters

Are you looking for easy printable cut-and-paste worksheets for Valentine’s Day? This resource has 6 of them in total.  Children will be practicing matching upper and lowercase letters. 


10. Cut & Paste Worksheets for Numbers

They will also be working on number order, counting in a 10-frame, and one to one counting objects. Children will also be working on identifying numbers after they have counted the objects up to 10.


Preschool Activities for Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages

11. Color By … Coloring Pages

I have been sure to add some fun color by number and color by letter worksheets in my classroom activities for valentine’s day. What a fun way for students to practice their letters and numbers than by coloring. 


A bonus is that they’ll get exposure to color words. I also made sure to pair the beginning sounds with their colors on the color by letter form. 


But if you are looking for free printable Valentine’s day coloring options, check these out at Homeschool Preschool. They are cute, fun coloring pages perfect for preschool or kindergarten! 


I can’t wait to see what fun activities for Valentine’s Day you come up with! Please be sure to leave me a comment below letting me know what activity you’ll be trying first!

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