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Perfect Spring Activity for Preschool to Teach Early Literacy Skills

My boys (ages 3 and 5) love summer! It’s their favorite season easily. Every year when spring comes around, they start to ask all kinds of questions. 


Questions like, “Is it time to go to the pool? Can we water the flowers? Let’s fill up the water table!” One day I’m going to miss those little voices and questions.  


I personally love summer as much as they do, but I can’t forget about spring! That’s why today I’m giving you a spring activity for preschool! As the seasons change, I always feel a sense of renewal and freshness in the air. 


Let’s find some ways that we can use the renewal and freshness that spring brings by getting in some early literacy skills with our preschoolers! I’m all about making things easy and building it into daily life. So let’s get started with building intentional teaching moments into our calendar this spring! 


Spring activity for preschool with hands-on clip cards that are perfect for children learning beginning sounds or syllables and a picture of preschooler doing a science activity
Try out this fun spring activity for preschool today!

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In this post, you’ll learn about a fun preschool spring theme, science activity, activity ideas for spring, and a worksheet for preschool. 


Preschool Spring Theme


There are a variety of spring themes for preschoolers. Preschoolers are curious and want to know how their world works. This lends itself to easily discussing and learning about: 


  • Clovers/Shamrocks
  • Earth Day
  • Easter (depending on what you can talk about you can tell the story of Jesus or teach about rabbits, carrots, baskets, and using Easter eggs)
  • Bugs/insects
  • Animals and their Babies
  • Rainbows/rain/weather
  • What to Wear? In the rain, sunshine, light jackets vs. winter jackets
  • Sports: baseball, soccer
  • Caterpillars/Butterflies’ life cycle
  • Planting seeds or a garden


Are you looking for books to help support your teaching of these themes? If so, check out my book lists below by clicking on the picture! 


Pictures of spring themed books with the words, "spring books perfect for preschool"!
Read great spring-themed books that are perfect for preschoolers.


Spring Science Activity for Preschool

Images of a preschooler doing a science activity of planting seeds with hands on spring activities for preschool
Children will have fun planting, exploring, and comparing seeds. They’ll also have fun working on identifying spring picture beginning sounds & counting syllables.

If you are looking for a fun science activity for preschoolers there are a variety of topics you could choose from! I love using the springtime to teach my children about planting flowers and a garden. They help me plant the seeds and pick out the vegetables to grow! 


Recently, we went to the Dollar Tree to pick out seeds. I mainly found flower seeds but I did get cucumbers as well. 


We will plant them in pots and then do our best to grow flowers. I was even able to find some perennials so the flowers will come back every year! 


If you are a preschool teacher you can have students paint a flower pot now for Mother’s Day. The children can paint it now, and then watch the flowers grow. On Mother’s Day they would take home the flowers to their mom. 


While watching their flower grow they can: 


  • Label the parts of the flower 
  • Measure the flower
  • Write in a flower journal what does it look like when I planted it and each week after that
  • Write about what a flower needs to be taken care of


You could even do this writing interactively. Have children come up and help you with writing the letters and words to complete a classroom journal. 


Early Literacy Spring Worksheets

spring worksheets for preschoolers that are spring-themed for preschoolers to practice letter identification, syllable counting, and beginning sound matching
Spring-themed worksheets for children to practice letter identification, ending sound matching, beginning sound matching, and syllable counting.

I have created a spring worksheet for preschool that focuses on skills for literacy! I’m excited for you to get your hands on this to support your students with early literacy skills. These 28 preschool spring activity sheets focus on: 


  • Beginning Sounds
  • Ending Sounds
  • Syllable Counts
  • Alphabetical Order 
  • Upper/Lowercase matching 
  • Color by Letter 


Many of these activities are hands-on requiring students to complete an activity to do the sheets. They will be cutting, pasting, spinning a spinner, or coloring to practice the skills. 


Plus, they are spring-themed making them perfect for this time of year! 


Preschool Spring Activity Sheets

Best of all these cards are free in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop. Just click below to grab your copy today!


Hands-on spring activity with beginning sounds and syllable counting, a picture of clip cards for children to identify beginning sounds and counting syllables of spring pictures
Children will have fun with engaging hands-on activities to practice identifying the beginning sounds of words that are spring-themed. There are also spring pictures with children to count the syllables within the pictures.


I love using these preschool spring-themed clip cards for practicing beginning sounds and syllables! Students will practice: 


  • Clapping Syllables
  • Identifying Beginning Sounds
  • Fine Motor Skills 


You’ll get 36 clip cards for your students to practice with. After you cut and laminate the cards you can use a clothespin or a dry-erase marker to mark the correct answer on the cards. 


This spring activity for preschool is so engaging that my own preschooler asks to do it while I’m making dinner! I also love that the pictures on the cards encourage vocabulary awareness and understanding.

If you need more support with vocabulary, check out my post below: 


A toddler learning vocabulary by playing on a tractor.
Teach vocabulary to toddlers throughout daily life.

Let me know which spring activity for preschoolers you are going to start working on today in the comments below. I’m all about easy daily living activities! 


We picked flowers because that is something I love to do in the summer is work in my flowerbeds. By making it a family activity my children are learning and I’m getting things ready for the next season in our home at the same time. It’s a win-win all around! 


My hope is that after reading this today you have some great ideas of ways to incorporate a spring activity for preschool in an engaging way. 


Literacy activities for preschoolers in fun spring-themed ways. A picture of a syllable counting page with spring themed pictures and two preschoolers in the spring time doing a spring themed activity.
Spring-themed preschool activities that are literacy and science-based!



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