9 Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

Are you looking for some Valentine’s Day books to read to your children or to use to teach your class about the holiday? I have you covered with these 9 Valentine’s Day books perfect for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, or second grade.


What are your favorite Valentine’s Day books for kids? I’d love to know in the comments below!


What are your favorite crafts, activities, and traditions for Valentine’s Day? Last year my family enjoyed sundae’s at the local ice cream shop (they were on special)! I loved it and despite the pandemic, I hope we can do it again this year!



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How do Dinosaurs say I love you? By Jane Yolen 


This cute series of books is perfect for this age! I loved using them in my primary classroom as a series. Usually, I used them at the beginning of the year to discuss how to respond to different social situations.


The series is about how dinosaurs complete different daily tasks like eating their food, going to bed, or in this case, saying I love you. I think this is a perfect Valentine’s book to help little one’s focus on loving others and what that looks like.



Roses are Red, Your Feet Really Stink by Diane de Groat 


Valentine’s Day is about loving others, but what do you do when you don’t care for someone else you need to write a valentine for?


This story is about forgiveness. Gilbert is the main character and he isn’t happy with how some of his classmates have treated him. Instead of writing a nice note to them anyways he wrote a mean note.


Gilbert later learns that his actions have consequences. He learns what Valentine’s Day is all about and how to forgive others.


There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Rose By Lucille Colandro


This book is a spin on the book “There was an Old lady Who Swallowed a Fly”. It’s perfect for teaching sequencing.


As a primary teacher I loved using this book to do a fun sequencing activity with the kids after.


I like it at home with my littles because it makes them laugh and talk about the unrealistic aspect of all the things she swallows.


Happy Valentine’s Day, Charlie Brown by Charles M Shultz


My preschooler adores Charlie Brown! I think since the release of the Peanuts movie, this younger generation is starting to appreciate the characters and storylines of the Peanuts.


I love this book because it’s a “ready to read” book. This means that it has big, bold words. It also has simple sight words and a simple storyline to make it easy to follow along.


Pete the Cat Valentine’s Day is Cool By Kimberly and James Dean


My preschooler adores Pete the Cat! What is not to like about a cat that understands that mistakes happen? That’s exactly what Pete does in his first book “Rockin in my School Shoes”.


In this book, Pete is learning about Valentine’s Day from his friend. She is teaching him what it means and what it is for. Pete quickly realizes that he also wants to be a nice friend and make Valentine’s Day cards for his friends.


This book is perfect for a classroom or parent trying to encourage children to show “love” to their friends on Valentine’s Day.


The Night Before Valentine’s Day by Natasha Wing


This spin on the famous story, “The Night Before Christmas” provides young children the things to do to get ready for Valentine’s Day. It’s a great read for sequencing the story, to read before making Valentine’s, or to help get decorating ideas for a home (or classroom).


In My Heart By Jo Witek


I love this book for helping children learn that feelings are okay and apart of everyday life. The truth is that Valentine’s Day in elementary school is so fun, full of love, friendship, exchanging of Valentine’s, candy, and (usually) a class party.


I think it’s a great idea to take some time out the week or month of Valentine’s Day to discuss feelings. This book makes talking about feelings easy. It explains that our hearts have a variety of feelings (and it’s okay)!


The Day It Rained Hearts By Felicia Bond


This adorable story is about a girl that started catching hearts from “The Day It Rained Hearts”.


I can come up with numerous activities to do with students or your own children with this book including:

  • The Writing Prompt: “If I caught hearts from the sky I would …”
  • Decorating Hearts
  • Cutting out hearts to make a collage of hearts that you would have “caught”
  • Making Valentines
  • Would you rather it rain hearts or stars? Discuss it and have students write their name on their choice as a shared writing activity.

Pinkalicious: Pink of Hearts By Victoria Kann


Pinkalicious is a great story to share with children to get them to begin “visualizing” their reading. I love that children can create a picture in their mind using these simple stories.


In the Valentine’s edition of Pinkalicious, the class is getting ready for Valentine’s Day! I like how this story shows the anxiety and expectations that can come with Valentine’s Day. It creates a way to discuss some of that within a classroom or with your own children.


These are some of my favorite books for Valentine’s Day for kids! I love using these books in my classroom and around my home to help teach about friendship, love, and kindness.


Let me know what book you are looking to try out this year!


Love, Ashley E


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